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We have men available to listen, help you stay calm and talk about it. We can also provide you with valuable information and resources to encourage you and help you think through your options. Our help is always free and confidential. For immediate encouragement and support, click here to read other guys’ stories:

You have questions

Where does the baby’s father fit in to all of this?

What are some Myths on Fatherhood?

Moms do a better job of parenting than dads

This is a myth because as we have discussed in our first class, it is not the mom vs. the dad in the parenting process. It is instead a co-parenting duty. It is vital
that the mom and the dad are involved in the child’s development.

Fathers aren’t as important or necessary than the mother

This is a myth because it was never intended that a mom carry all of the
responsibilities of parenting. Having a father and a mother gives the child
opportunities to learn from both sexes.

The kids won’t be that affected without a dad in their lives

This is a myth because as we learned in our first class, the affects of a child without a father in their life are detrimental. It is heartbreaking that many childrenface this reality daily.

A father has to be blood-related to you in order to be your father.

This is a complete myth because there are many biological fathers who may be
physically present, but are not emotionally or relationally present. To be a dad to
a child, it is all about the pouring out and giving, not the blood relation.

What can fathers give to boys?

A good father gives a boy the sense of what the expectations of being a man are, and these expectations of manhood are given to him at an early age.
Having an older man who they respect is so important.

What can fathers give to girls?

Having a positive male role model in their life
Gives the daughter a safe and healthy sense of older adult figures.

Unplanned pregnancy 

It’s not easy for dads either

    A few points to remember

    Stay calm

    Make sure she’s pregnant – we offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds

    Talk about it – we have men to listen

    Don’t forget – your life started at conception the same way years ago

    The AAA Pregnancy Resource Center has been serving the Livonia community for 40+ years. We help empower women and men with resources to best make important decisions about family planning.

    We do not perform or refer for abortions nor do we arrange adoptions. We have no financial interest in your decision.

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